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The queries on sourcing from India have quadrupled since the time of the pandemic. Every country is looking for an alternative to china. Furniture being the fundamental element for any home or office requirement, there has been a flood of orders at all manufacturing units in jodhpur for the upcoming festive season.

Why source furniture and why hire buying agents in India?

There are thousand and one reasons you should love India, and furniture is one out of the thousand reasons you will love India. India is one of the major exporting countries of furniture. Whether it is wood or metal, a combination of both; or marble and granite; India has the best possible options for exporting in general and furniture in particular.

Since furniture is the major cost bearing integrant for any residential or commercial project, furniture companies want to buy furniture at the best prices and wholesale. An individual will cringe at the prospect of coming to India for his/her home project, hence he goes to the best available options in his country. The wholesale furniture merchant finds it easy to place orders in countries where the labor cost, raw material availability is easy and at the optimum price so that he can build a market and earn profits.

Little surprise then that Walmart is already laid down a strategy to get into partnership with Bharati for the potential it sees in procuring and supplying in diverse segments, furniture is one of the major components of Walmart. Walmart wants to buy from the Indian market for its foreign stores and that is the reason they have a direct sourcing office set in India.


For midsize companies tying up with buying houses is better because maintaining an offshore office can add a lot to the overall cost of running a business, whereas a buying house cost on the buyer is only on the dispatches and a certain percentage on each invoice. The risk is minimized in hiring a buying house because the buying house looks after every order knowing the supplier profile, and having good relations with the suppliers. The buying house gets paid only if the merchandise received is faultless.

Another benefit of a buying house over a company-owned office is the advantage of goods inspected by a 3rd party individual/company which is always preferable.

In this, India is the best option since the costs are relatively lower than the home country. We at WeSource have been sourcing furniture from manufacturers who have been in the industry for anywhere between two and five decades. Thus sourcing for us becomes easy and effortless.

Whether it is vintage furniture, or industrial, chic, or rugged, understated, or flaunting; Indian furniture manufacturers have all the experience to carve out the best furniture for your residential and commercial projects.

Furniture from WeSource is uniquely designed according to client specifications. 30% of furniture is manufactured in Jodhpur. In that sense, the companies have competent labor to understand the needs of the international market.

We at WeSource have offices in Delhi and a fully operating unit in Jodhpur. Sitting in the hub of furniture manufacturers makes it very easy for us to be in touch with the suppliers, do our scheduled quality checks, and be present at the time of container dispatch.

WeSource has a very competent workforce that looks into details of every purchase order it receives from its client. Few reasons you should choose WeSource over any other buying agency

  • Avoid establishment costs:

Establishing an offshore office can be a humungous task. There is a steady outflow of money. There are fixed costs and there are floating costs. Fixed are in having an office set-up with legal formalities, taxes, purchase and insurance of vehicles, etc. and the floating cost in rental or purchase of property, hiring skilled professionals. Charted accountants, travel expenses, utilities, and this cost is excluding any third party hiring of inspection agencies, surveys, and audits, etc. The best option is to outsource business to avoid these costs. WeSource provides you complete support in India. We have a sound database of suppliers for respective categories and have the ‘insider information’ as regards their strengths and weaknesses. We make settlements with the vendor on our terms and conditions analyzing every aspect from cost to quality.

  • WeSource saves your time by managing all your communication:

WeSource has been sourcing furniture, marble, and granite, industrial lamps for almost five years. WeSource has close tie-ups with manufacturers spread in Jodhpur and other cities. Since we have our offices in Delhi and Jodhpur; Germany, Taiwan, and Canada, we understand client requirements way better than anyone else. In that sense, we become your one-stop-shop for all your requirements. As soon as we receive a query, we get into our network of suppliers that are spread out all over the country. This can become a very overwhelming task if the international buyers are unfamiliar with the geography over which business is spread out in India. WeSource acts like your business partner in India becoming your advisor and assistant. Keeping in mind the slightest miscommunication can lead to the wrong specification of an object, we help you with end to end solutions.

  • WeSource are specialist of their industry:

How can you make the right decision if you do not have your presence in India? WeSource specializes in furniture, industrial lamps, marble, and granite blocks and claddings, marble and granite accessories and rugs, and carpets. Now, this vast range cannot be handled with a company that has no presence in India. You will not have the platform if you don’t have someone handling the business locally. Acting as your partner and associate, WeSource is your eyes and ears on the ground. As experts, we know everything that comes in manufacturing and dispatching an order.

  • WeSource keeps track of the entire sourcing and procuring process:

The procuring process of wholesale takes anywhere between 2-3 months to complete. There is sampling, approval, production in wholesale, and dispatch. You need constant inputs and support from people who know the industry, the working, and its people. Our team at WeSource India helps you monitor the different stages of production and delivery. Our representative is physically present at the time of sampling, taking care of every little detail according to buyer specifications, visits factories for periodic quality checks, and is present at the time of dispatching the container.

  • Expect correct advice from the WeSource team:

WeSource gives you the right advice according to your specific requirement, which a manufacturer will not. Our team at WeSource gives you valuable advice and gets information on anything and everything that you want. Whether it is a new design or market forecast of trends changing, we act like your back-end office and give you all the support you want.

You manage your customers, while we manage your manufacturing being your off-shore partners and advisors, the WeSource team lets you take care of your customers, build a strong customer base, while the WeSource team looks after all the hassles of production and dispatch. In this period of uncertainty because of the pandemic, WeSource gives you complete support so that you can stay in communication with your customers, and send as positive a message as you can. Furniture giants like Ashley, Lorts, Vaughan-Basset are already touting the advantage of being in touch with their customers, even virtually, as their trusted domestic suppliers during this period of the pandemic.

WeSource gives you unconditional support in building a strong customer base by taking care of the pain of manufacturing, production, and dispatch so that your customer will put you first on their list when they are ready to buy.

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