Furniture is always termed to have a long durability and is also known to enhance the look of your consumer’s little, wide place regardless of wherever they choose to put in their place. Your products not only need to be correctly displayed, but also make a positive, lasting impression. WeSource offers handicrafts that enhance the look of your workplace & also your furniture, therefore the choice of unique & artistic handicrafts buying house is very important as per your business perspective.

Industrial Furniture

Unconventional style that takes the interiors to another dimension
WeSource, as India’s leading sourcing agency strives to procure the best pieces of industrial furniture collection. The assortment of furniture procured is chic, rustic, and modern; and WeSource aims to continuously introduce new and exciting collections. Our team of skilled, motivated, and highly committed designers, look into every detail the client has specified to provide quality furniture to our clients. The distinctive range of sturdy and stylish industrial furniture of study tables, coffee tables, chest of drawers, bar stools, bookshelves, consoles, and others offer a diverse range for your clients. The industrial furniture range at WeSource offers and ‘other-era’ charm to any interior design requirements, by the combination rustic charm and modern appeal. Our diverse and affordable pieces allow you to introduce rustic style decor to any interior design. Beneath our products’ stylish exterior, you will find exceptional value.

Wooden Furniture

Dream furniture made from pure natural wood
With experience of over five years in sourcing, WeSource brings one of the finest range of solid wood furniture for you. Being specialists of wood, we know what exactly to procure for our clients. Apart from design and class; WeSource team looks for the wood grain, the seasoned time period, color and merging structures in wood for their clients. With sourcing solid-wood furniture from WeSource, you have made a fine decision to buy quality product. Each piece of furniture is important for us, and we take extra care to source the best pieces of wooden furniture for you.

Mango Furniture

The most sustainable wood
This is the natural quality of mango wood. It is the most durable woods of all categories of wood. Hard, long lasting, durable, and a sustainable wood for furniture making. WeSource has some of the best ranges in mango wood furniture. WeSource gives you the best choice of furniture under one roof. Whether its for the living- room, dining room, or for the bedroom; WeSource gives you best possible designs and quality for individual or your clients’ requirements. We are one of the leading sourcing agents in India with factory outreach all across the country.

Acacia Furniture

An 18th century delight
The love for acacia is not new. The legend goes back to the English Royal Navy days, when Acacia was liked and preferred for its durability and water resistant properties. With the advanced acacia hulls, the English Royal Navy ships began to dominate the seas. Such is the quality of Acacia that it can weather the worst of stormy seas. WeSource offers you a delightful range of furniture in Acacia.

One of the most affordable wood, Acacia is widely available in India, hence this allows WeSource to procure the best pieces of furniture. Whether it is the outdoor wood benches and buffet, dining tables, or the sophisticated side table; WeSource gets the best piece of furniture in the legendary Acacia wood for your buying requirements.

Vintage Industrial Furniture

A life well lived if surrounded with art and beauty
WeSource procures some of the best of original vintage classic furniture and avant-garde pieces from its partners. A life is well lived if its surrounded with art and beauty. As one of the best sourcing agents from India, WeSource scours the country to give you best vintage furnirure. Rich in design and style, the beautiful crafted pieces bring to life the grand life-style enjoyed by the bygone generations. WeSource with its team of designers and quality specialists, is committed to take care of all your buying requirements.

Oak-wood Furniture

We are all about quality and 100% hardwood
Wesource procures some of the finest furniture for you from the facilities spread all across India. Our designer team comes out with some of the finest designs to show off the natural beauty of oakwood. Underneath the painted finishes of furniture, you will find the smoothest of solid wood that will last a lifetime. We have 20 years of experience in manufacturing furniture, and that makes us experts in procuring the finest furniture for you.