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How to Retain Customers to Boost Sales and Brand Loyalty

Increasing your customer retention by 5% increases profits for your business by 25%. A loyal customer helps in making a business successful more than a new customer does. It is prime to acquire new customers to boost your sale, but it is just as crucial to protect the customers that have already purchased from you and retain them.

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Best Handicrafts Buying House Agents – To Boost Your Sales

I’ve met people with a decorating itch. They are basically the admirers of art and uniqueness and like to go with the latest trends in handicrafts. People like to illuminate their houses with eye-catchy handcrafts and you being their go-to handicraft buying house will boost your sales. But being a handicraft retailer which handicraft buying house sourcing agents do you trust on? What items are you relying upon in 2021 to boost your sales? And what you need to keep in-store to retain your clients with decorating itch?

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Merchandising Ideas for Furniture Stores – WeSource Inc

If you own a furniture store then you must know that it relies on merchandising is arranging the furniture to show off its attributes & subtly to convince the customer whatever their needs are and if your retail store can fulfill them. These are the few things which your customer can interpret by the sight, sound, touch and even by the smell of your retail store. So you need to take care of these things and undoubtedly use merchandising as the main key for the future of your furniture store. Now, let us have a look at top ways to attract the customer in your furniture retail store.

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Ways of Increasing Furniture Sales – WeSource Inc

Keeping up with the ongoing demands of the market in regards to the sale of furniture has never been an easy task. The reason why partnering with other furniture global sourcing companies in India is always a better and indeed the best choice not only in terms of profiting but also in terms of learning. Therefore, if you are still wondering whether or not you should work with other furniture sourcing companies in India. Then we would tell you that it is one of the best ways in which you can add onto the saling profit of your furniture sourcing companies in India, that is, We Source Inc.

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Furnishing Retail Stores With Profit: Furniture That Every Retail Store Should Have On Sale

The furniture industry in India is vast and growing and the popularity of specific furniture types need no introduction. Furniture retailers can benefit greatly from this popularity and increase the profit growth rate of their business.

Here are some of the most popular furniture types in India that every furniture retail shop owner must put up for sale.