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Press the Refresh Button

Time does not stop, even in tough times that we are witnessing since the beginning of 2020, time is moving on, life is moving on and so are we. The best way to live with time is to flow with it. We all are gradually learning to take Covid-19 in our stride, and finding ways and means to adjust and adapt to this reality. Even though the season’s trade shows are canceled, in our line of business; we are witnessing new trends as regards marketing and selling furniture to keep the wheel moving.

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We Source Inc – Your Sourcing Representatives in India

According to a Gartner survey, 33% of companies are moving their supply chains out of China. Citing the COVID-19 pandemic, the US-China trade war, rising tariffs, and Brexit, companies are moving their sourcing to Vietnam, India, and Mexico. This means that one-third of companies with global supply chains have moved their sourcing and manufacturing activities out of china, or plan to move out in the next two to three years. According to QIMA- a Hong Kong-based quality control and supply chain inspection company, there has been a sudden surge in the demand for inspections and audits by North American and European buyers in south-east Asia and South Asia. Such inspection and audit reports are used by companies to migrate to new areas.

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The Sourcing Business in Times of Social Distancing

The year 2020 has been full of surprises. Who would have thought in 2019 that the whole world would shut down together and every person would be confined to the periphery of their homes? While a few saw a grim uncertain future, many others saw COVID-19 as a great opportunity. Those who saw COVID as an opportunity started reshaping their business models. Because of the unconventional approach keeping in mind the COVID-19 chaos, divergent industries are getting back on track, either through innovations or through adaptations.