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Aesthetics, Experience, Integrity, and a Strong Supplying & Logistics spectrum.

The idea of being facilitators for our clients germinated after being in the business of home improvements for two decades. WeSource was created as a subsidiary arm in 2016 for sourcing merchandise related to home improvements for our clients spread across the globe.

After a successful journey as manufacturers, WeSource today prides itself in being the leading and one of the best sourcing agents for procurement from India. We at WeSource facilitate seamless sourcing from the seller to our end client. WeSource understands the need of this extremely dynamic consumer market where designs change with season! Our team of specialists travel through the remotest part of India, to bring the finest pieces of furniture, industrial lamps, carpets, marble and marble accessories, at our clients’ doorstep; and this way WeSource looks into the minutest client requirement to give them an hassle-free buying and procuring experience.

Our procurement is evenly spanned out between carpets & rugs, industrial lamps, wooden furniture, marble and marble accessories; to make us a one-stop-shop for our clients’ requirements. With sound logistics, we are committed to speedy and on time delivery, and take extra care of every detail that the client has specified at the time of order.

Our in-house team of designers, quality analysts, logistics personnel are committed toward giving our clients a worthwhile experience.

With offices in Delhi, and a fully operating furniture export unit in Jodhpur; we have been catering to our clients with finest pieces of furniture for two decades from under the brand umbrella Purewood. WeSource gives comprehensive assistance from designing, sourcing to logistics; to make it a seamless, satisfying experience for our buyers.



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Global Furniture Sourcing Companies in India

Whether it’s wooden furniture or lamps, carpets & rugs, or marble & marble accessories. WeSource team of specialists work tirelessly to give the clients a journey that they will cherish. Through We Source, we have extended our services from being manufacturer to best furniture sourcing company in India as per your client’s requirements. What makes us among the best global sourcing companies in India is our demand & expertise from our in house team of designers, quality check specialists and a very robust logistics team for furniture, carpets & rugs, industrial Lamps, granite & marble. WeSource is one of the leading sourcing agencies from India that can take your business to the next level with our efficient products & seamless services